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At Tamieka's Beauty Palace, our team of skilled stylists is the heartbeat of our salon. Each stylist is an artisan of beauty, committed to transforming your hair and enhancing your natural allure. From the visionary touch of Tamieka herself to the unique talents of our diverse team, our stylists are united by their passion for creating stunning looks that reflect your individuality. 

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Tamieka Montgomery

CEO/Hair Salon Owner

Hello, I'm Tamieka Montgomery – a lifelong enthusiast of the artistry that is hair styling. With a rich and rewarding journey spanning two decades, I've honed my craft to not just enhance beauty, but to uplift spirits and empower individuals. As the proud owner of Tamieka's Beauty Palace nestled in the vibrant community of Stone Mountain, Georgia, my passion is to unveil the unique elegance within each person I have the privilege to work with.

My journey began with a fervent desire to merge creativity with skill, transforming hair into a canvas of self-expression. Over the years, I've had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with celebrities from diverse corners of the world, each encounter a testament to the universal language of beauty. However, beyond the glamour, my heart remains deeply thankful for the path that has led me here – a path that underscores the importance of persistence, self-belief, and the resounding message to never give up.

Tamieka's Beauty Palace is more than a salon; it's a haven where individuality reigns supreme. My vision has always been to create a space where everyone, regardless of background or identity, can embrace their roots and radiate confidence. As I weave dreams into reality, style tresses into masterpieces, and empower those who grace my chair, I'm reminded of the profound impact beauty can have on one's spirit.

With every client, with every intricate braid or precisely placed weave, I'm reminded that beauty is a work of art that is deeply personal. It's a privilege to be a part of your journey, a journey that transforms not just hair, but the way you perceive yourself. As you step into Tamieka's Beauty Palace, you're stepping into a realm where passion, skill, and a touch of magic converge to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

So, whether you're seeking a fresh look, a boost of confidence, or simply a moment of self-care, I invite you to experience the artistry and warmth that define Tamieka's Beauty Palace. Let's journey together towards a more beautiful and confident you.


Want to join the team? 

Are you a passionate stylist with a flair for creativity and an unwavering commitment to enhancing beauty? At Tamieka's Beauty Palace, we're always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our esteemed team. As a part of our family, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside visionary artists, collaborate with a diverse clientele, and be a driving force behind the confidence and empowerment we instill in every client. Whether you specialize in weaves, braided styles, makeup artistry, or men's grooming, if you're dedicated to excellence and thrive in a dynamic environment, we invite you to explore the possibility of becoming a member of our team.

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